Kollwitz Guide

Welcome to the Multimedia Guide of the Käthe Kollwitz Museum Berlin.

Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) is one of the most important women in 20th century art due to her powerful artistic language and her timeless pictorial inventions. Her works are found enriching by art lovers and socially engaged people alike.

For more than five decades, the city of Berlin was the workplace of the artist Käthe Kollwitz. It is still associated with this city both nationally and internationally.

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Guide permanent exhibition

Here you will find more detailed information about our permanent exhibition “Käthe Kollwitz – And yet it is art”.

Käthe To Go – City Tour

Discover places in Berlin that were important for the life and work of Käthe Kollwitz.

Black and white photografie of Hans Pels-Leusden. He sits surrounded by Kollwitz works placed around him for the photo. He wears a suit and smiles at the camera. In his left hand he holds a cigar. In his right hand he holds an open catalog. The Kollwitz works are for the most part easily recognizable.

Museum History

Learn more about the history of the Berlin Käthe Kollwitz Museum and its founder Hans Pels-Leusden.